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Ramen Halu is arguably the best ramen house in the Bay Area.

image of Ramonhalu dish

If you like authentic ramen, this restaurant needs to be on top of your list. Chef Kumao Arai (a surfer and a ramen lover) worked for a ramen house in Japan before migrating to San Jose a few years ago. You'll notice the surf theme through out the restaurant.
You have three styles of broth/noodles to choose from (low sodium and low fat options are available upon request).

Halu - Very special rich broth w/thick noodle
Sho-yu - Traditional soysauce flavored broth w/ thin noodle
Shio - Golden clear seasalt-flavored broth w/ thin noodle
The restaurant is on Saratoga Ave. (near Stevens Creek), situated in a mini mall across the street from Garden City.

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Affordable Dinning...

More and more restaurants are offering early dinner specials, happy hour specials and prix fixer dinners for under $20. We found a great deal at Creekside Bar and Grill (formerly Creekside Inn), in San Jose for a delicious USDA Prime Rib special for $16.95. Their prime rib dinner specials are good for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Additionally, they offer early bird specials for  under $10.00 a plate.

Kids Eat Free

Sonoma Chicken Coop is offering free meals for kids every Monday and Tuesday nights.

The Cardinal Coffee Shop on Meridian Avenue is offering the kids free lunch and dinner, Monday thru Thursday, excluding holidays.
Happy Hour

Happy Hour

19 Market, in downtown San Jose, is offering $5.00 appetizers Monday thru Friday from 5PM -7PM. We enjoyed the chicken satay, shrimp bruschetta, popcorn shrimp, baby back ribs and spicy chicken wings. Cascal, in Mountain View, has reduced pricing for Happy Hour on their selected Tapas every Monday thru Friday from 3:30PM - 6:30PM.

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